Was Epstein The Final Straw?

Without commenting on the validity of the popular opinion that Jeff Epstein was murdered, I’m particularly interested in the public’s response to the ordeal. If we were to look at a single day, one news cycle, determining actual public outrage would be incredibly difficult. Many topics seem to evoke a maximum level of passion for short bursts, but their perceived importance dwindles as new outrages are dangled like lures before the click farm. Unlike normal topics, Epstein continues to metastases and grow.

Mohamed Bouazizi, a street vendor who set fire to himself in protest of Tunisian policing, sparked the Arab Spring. The Shah of Iran drinking champagne on a televised New Year’s Eve celebration was said to be a major prompt for the Iranian Revolution. Catalysts to revolution are hard to identify, and many might even appear trivial at the time. Is the insult of insulating a wealthy class against the burden of basic human decency the act that prompts desperate outrage? I’d guess not.

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