While many laugh off the idea that the European Union is the continuation of Nazi Germany, finding reasons to believe such a thing isn’t the case is harder than you would think. To start, Walter Hallstein, the first president of the Commission of the European Economic Community and one of the founding fathers of the European Union, was quite literally a Nazi. There are scores of websites, many even hosted by the EU, that will outline why that claim is without merit, but they are oddly quiet about the years between the 1930s and 1940s: a time period I’d consider important when determining someone’s Nazi credentials.

For someone who had “zero Nazi connections,” Hallstein managed to survive numerous ideological purges. Even more direct, Hallstein represented Nazi Germany in vitally important negotiations with Fascist Italy. During that time, the “definitely not a Nazi” gave a speech advocating for the German expansionist goals of the World War 1 era ( so definitely an imperialist). In the same speech, the EU founder listed The Law for the Protection of the German Blood and the German Honor act as the most important new policies for a German empire. In case you were wondering, the act is what its name indicates: a restriction on Jewish people marrying outside their race, dressing in certain ways, and even being able to fly a German flag. For a claim so many “debunking” and state-run media sites reject as insane, there seems to be a suspicious level of smoke for a fireless room.

As the strongest economy within the European Union, Germany has accomplished its century-long quest to control Europe. Just as Hallstein drew up, the sovereignty of the other nations has been mitigated, with puppet leaders representing voiceless populations under the control of a single entity.   I urge you all to read the text of the ‘Conquest Speech’ given by Walter Hallstein in Rostock, Germany, on 23 January 1939.

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