The Instagram Slave Market

With so much discussion in America regarding the aftermath of slavery, we surprisingly tend to be reasonably passive as a society about current forms of human marketplaces. Take, for example, Kuwait, where 9 out of 10 households have a “domestic worker.” Most workers come from the poorest countries in the world. “4Sale,” an actual slave marketplace app, features pitches such as “African worker, clean and smiling” and “Nepalese who doesn’t dare to ask for a day off.” Most vendors advocated confiscating women’s passports.

In the majority of circumstances in the Gulf, workers are brought into the country by agencies and then officially registered with the government. These are countries the United States provides with attack helicopters, ballistic missile defense systems, and a cave of wonder’s worth of precision-guided munitions. The Gulf War was started by Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait. Ethical standards for friends always become ambiguous when 8 percent of the world’s oil is involved.

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