Navy’s Videos of UFOs Were Never Supposed to Have Been Made Public

“Move, along, there is nothing to see here…” That is what Navy officials would like you to do now, recently admitting that a series of videos showing authentic military footage of UFOs that went viral last year, were really never supposed to be released to the public.

But, it’s a little late to put that genie back in the bottle. To refresh your memory, in December 2017 and March 2018, The New York Times released three allegedly declassified videos showing U.S. Navy pilots trailing some unidentified flying objects. The mystery crafts moved at hypersonic speeds, flying tens of thousands of feet above the Earth with no distinct wings, engines or visible signs of propulsion whatsoever. Were they flying saucers? Incredibly high-tech drones?

The pilots had no idea — and, according to a recent statement from Navy intelligence officials, neither does the U.S. government. The objects still have not been successfully identified as any known type of aircraft. In a statement delivered to the intelligence news website The Black Vault, Joseph Gradisher, a spokesperson for the Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for Information Warfare, announced that the Navy officially considers the craft in these three videos “unidentified aerial phenomena.” Gradisher also told The Black Vault that the UFO footage was also “never cleared” for public release, which means you were never supposed to have seen this footage or known about these three objects.

According to The Black Vault, the videos may have been improperly released by a former Pentagon employee who had applied for permission to share them across several government agencies as part of a database on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) he was allegedly compiling. The man received permission to share the videos for “[US Government] Use Only,” paperwork obtained by The Black Vault shows. However, Navy officials never declassified the footage for public release, Gradisher said. To be clear, not the Navy, nor the US government is saying that these mysterious aircraft have anything to do with ETs; they are only saying that they “can’t be identified or explained by current aeronautical knowledge.” Take what comfort you will in that, because, there is likely to be a lot more footage like this that we are not supposed to see, and that we haven’t seen, and who knows what those films and videos, may or may not prove about UFOs and alien visitations. Do you think these objects were of alien origin or were they something else? Reply in the comments below.

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