From Pipelines to Graveyards

An oil pipeline plan has the potential to inflict more damage than any natural disaster of which the world has record. For instance, the very thought of one extending from Iran, through Iraq, and into the Mediterranean accessing Syria prompted Arab oil-producing states to funnel bodies and fortunes to Sunni radicals throughout the region – essentially, ISIS and the Syrian “Civil War.”

Already amid a collateral damage rich campaign to expand into Syria, NATO member Turkey now finds itself dealing with a new pipeline, one that spans from Israel to Cyprus, through Crete and Greece, and finishing in Italy. On the Island of Cyprus, where once beautiful cities are frozen as ghost cities after the 1974Turkish invasion, America has upended a three-decade-old arms embargo on the victim of the conflict, the recognized Cypriot government. While largely symbolic, the act has received heated criticism of Ankara and represents a major split between NATO members. With all the major players on stage, pay attention when you hear about the East Med Pipeline.

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