Civil Wars Aren’t Fun

We are drowning in the notion that America is at the brink of Civil War. Picture a world where Donald Trump is taken out of office by this impeachment process. Even further, imagine a disheveled Trump dragged out of the White-house in handcuffs, to truly fulfill the Democrat fantasy. On the reverse side, what would be the results of stopping EBT payments?

On that note, picture the suspension of welfare and social security checks. If our debt continues in the way it has for the past 3 administrations, we will soon be at a point where such a suspension is expected by numerous economists. What’s the line for you?

I’ve always found it difficult to imagine a population filled with so many available distractions and so well fed embarking upon the struggles of war. However, to play internet ethicists, should Trump supporters rise up if their President is, in the eyes of many, being railroaded towards removal by a corrupt deep state?

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