The Real Cause of Mass Shootings

Once again, in the immediate aftermath of mass shootings, we are faced with the standard solutions: eradicate the first and second amendment. While squirrel minded individuals scurry up their preferred wrong trees, the ignored cause of these tragedies lies intertwined within the desecrated and castigated identity of Americans. In these horrible tragedies, we are seeing the consequence of ceaseless psychological warfare against those who are most vulnerable: the youth of our country, the future leaders of this land.

Each day, like a mantra, the future men of this country are confronted with charges of crimes ranging from historical exploitation of foreign lands to the perverse abuse and systematic oppression of women – then told to sit back and accept the rejects of nations where such abuses are and will always be ubiquitous. Each day, our future men are reminded of the selfishness involved in procreation, while also being told to make room for the spudding immigrants to come out of a need for more tax revenue. Despite the disseminators of these vile notions failing to ever consider assimilation difficulties of masses of migrants, despite no expressed opinion on what a cap would look like for immigration, despite no discussion regarding the fairness of our already strained and indebted American tax dollars being stretched by a seemingly infinite influx of out held hands, we are intimidated into a pressure building silence by threat of complete isolation and career destruction.

Likewise, women, who are profoundly more inclined to oppose diversity of opinions than their male counterparts, who are significantly more likely to support speech reducing legislation, are the  foot soldiers of the globalist elite – who, with their empathy now weaponized, choose expansion of government power over the rights of the individual (1)(2). In a generation where women are completing college and receiving jobs at a significantly higher rate than men, where a woman just won the popular vote in a general presidential election,  electioneering politicians can still rely on the robust cheer of victimhood drunk females with talking points that predates the suffragette movement (3).

It is in this sad and inorganic society, built of lies and the suppression of popular and natural thinking, that we find the cause for violent, desperate, random attacks by our youth. These boys, who carry the immense weight of being the cause of the world’s troubles as well as the only possible source of solutions, whose thoughts are drugged away by opinion run, hijacked fields like psychology and sociology, find themselves, like a bull before its public execution –  disoriented to the point of blind aggression and hate.

We are told that simply mentioning the last 40 years of intelligence test data equates to the most horrific speech imaginable, that crime statistics and measures of decency are taboo to the point of societal ostraciziment (4)(5). We are told that diversity of race, not of thought or study, is strength without being given an example or reason to believe the claim. We are lied to and told to shut up, to play make-believe in silent approval – like a smiling slave being informed of their name change.

In the absence of dialogue, where anyone with anything to lose faces violence or the death of their career for the utterance of our corporately created taboos, only the far right of our political spectrum is voicing the very thoughts our politicians should be openly discussing with the public. As the days progress, any discussion surrounding responsible immigration or the lack of success we see in assimilation is equated to Nazis rhetoric. Our hypnotized masses, with little to no understanding, go along with the dangerous foolishness that surrounds banning specific message board or people – never considering that the mechanism they beg for will one day be used against them.

We can look at Western Europe as a prime example of what happens when the people’s wishes are ignored and suppressed: right-wing political group membership spikes, as we see in Spain, Italy, England, Germany, and Greece. Rather than adopting the wishes of the people, purchased political parties and their corporate overlords remain resolute on replacing the western population with cheap and easily manipulated labor from the third world.

So there is the dirty secret to this whole thing. If you don’t want a rise in “Nazis,” don’t flood the western world with those who reject our way of life with every breath, who voraciously breed while we’re told to die off in silence, who compete with and lower the wages of those of us who are most vulnerable. Because, when Nazis are the only group that will address valid concerns our society faces, then what option is there but to become a Nazi?

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