Guns Saved Many Lives and Ended Crimes In July

Mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio!

Mass Shooting in El Paso, Texas!

This is what Democrats and the sewagestream media want everyone to think about when it pertains to guns. They want everyone to believe that guns ONLY kill good and innocence people. I’ve talked to many anti-gun liberals and the majority of them seem to feel that guns have some kind of evil entity about them that turns people into killers. I usually ask them if guns have some kind of Jedi mind control and they laugh until I point out that this is what they are saying. Then I point out that hundreds of millions of guns belong to law-abiding citizens who never use them in a crime and I point out that many more people are killed in automobile accidents and by tobacco products than by guns, so why aren’t they in an uproar over motor vehicles or tobacco? I’ve had a number of them say I’m being ludicrous and I respond by saying if they truly wanted to save lives, then focus on those things that kill more people such as cars and cigarettes. That usually ends the conversation because they realize they have no logical defense.

But what about guns in the hands of good people? Here is something Democrats and the sewagestream media WON’T tell you and DON’T want you to know:

Consider the following reported by local media but unreported by the national media:

On July 3, in Summerville, South Carolina, concerned neighbors went to check out loud noises that they thought might be someone breaking into a local church. They found the trespasser who began to attack one of the neighbors who, using a firearm, shot him in self-defense.

On July 10, in Summerfield, Florida a disabled 61-year-old homeowner awoke to hearing four armed men who had just broken into his home. He used a firearm to kill two of them and send the other two fleeing the scene. They were later apprehended. Although the homeowner himself was wounded in the melee, he survived.

On July 15, in Atlanta, Georgia a man began assaulting a woman in an apartment complex. A second man intervened and tried to stop the assault. The attacker then turned his attention to him and the second man defended himself using a firearm.

On July 16, in San Diego, a man armed with a knife broke into a home and began stabbing the 54-year-old homeowner. Present was his son who was able to end the attack by killing the attacker using his father’s firearm.

Also on July 16, in Lehi, Utah, an intruder was shot after breaking into a home. He was armed with a knife. The homeowner shot the man using a firearm.

On July 18, in Phoenix, Arizona a man was filling his car with gas when two suspects demanded the keys to his car. One of them threatened the owner with a knife. The owner pulled a firearm and shot him. The other suspect fled.

On July 19, in Seattle, Washington an armed man tried to break into a home while the homeowner was asleep. She awoke in time to retrieve a firearm and shot and wounded him. She escaped injury. The burglar was reported to be in critical condition at a local hospital.

On July 22, in New Orleans, Louisiana a man sitting in his car late at night was accosted by an armed stranger who attempted a carjacking. The driver pulled a firearm and shot the attacker who fled the scene.

On July 23, in Albuquerque, New Mexico a man who tried to break into a home was shot by the homeowner with a firearm.

On July 26, in Virginia Beach, Virginia two armed men wearing masks entered a 7-Eleven store demanding money. A customer who was waiting to check out used a firearm to end the attempted robbery. One suspect was killed, the other wounded while the two clerks behind the country were unharmed.

On July 27, in High Point, North Carolina, a woman being assaulted by an ax-wielding man who had entered her home shot him, killing him instantly.

On July 31, in Nashville, Tennessee a criminal with a long history of violent crime began shooting at an Uber driver’s automobile to exact revenge on his passenger. The driver defended himself and his passenger by shooting the attacker with a firearm.

None of these thwarted attacks were mentioned by the Associated Press. The AP was no doubt following the old journalistic adage, “If it bleeds, it leads.” But if it doesn’t bleed, or doesn’t conform to its anti-gun agenda, it doesn’t even exist.

Realize that this is just what happened in 1 month and just those that were reported somewhere. I know of a number of other instances where a gun was used to stop a crime or save a life. I once used a gun to stop a car with 4 illegal aliens from running my car over a cliff on the highway. They had harassed me for over 10 miles and were obviously trying to force me to edge of the highway and cliff, until I leveled my .44 mag handgun on my elbow, pointing at them. They quickly sped up and I didn’t seen them until I saw them pulled over by a highway patrolman. I stopped and reported what happened and they were arrested, charged, convicted and sent to prison. Had I not had the handgun with me, I would not be here writing this today.

Over the years, I’ve seen dozens and dozens of reports of people using a gun to stop a crime, a mass shooting, home invaders and more. However, you won’t see those instances covered by the media like they cover the less frequent mass shootings. In the long run, guns save more lives and prevent more crimes than the media and Democrats want to admit.

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