Drinking Fluoridated Water While Pregnant Dumbing Down Kids?

There is no doubt that kids today have been dumbed down compared to kids back in my day. Much of that dumbing down is due to the socialist takeover of the public school system. Instead of teaching many of the meaningful subjects we were taught, they are being taught to hate America and everything good about America. They are taught to consider America to be the enemy of the world. They are taught that capitalism and free enterprise are bad and that socialism is the road to utopia.

On January 1, 2000, my wife and I stopped at thrift store and the cashier was confused and didn’t know how to write the date. Not long after that, we were at another store where my wife bought two identical items, only one of which had a price tag. That cashier had no clue how much to charge for the unmarked item and then she was unable to count back our change after we paid in cash.

Several years ago, I saw a report stating that the majority of law school graduates have never read the US Constitution and some of these law school graduates go on to become our political leaders in Washington DC. I’ve seen video surveys where college students had no clue who our nation’s leaders were or who were the running mates of the presidential candidates, or what the presidential candidates’ platforms are.

But what if not all of the dumbing down is due to the socialist controlled public education system?

Have you ever considered the possibility that some of the dumbing down could be due to our drinking water? Check this out:

Pregnant women who drink fluoride-treated water may give birth to children with lower IQs, a new study suggests.

Researchers from York University in Toronto, Canada, found that the more fluoride that was present in a mother’s urine, the lower her child’s IQ score was.

Surprisingly, boys seemed to have much lower scores when their mother’s had high fluoride levels than girls did. 

About two-thirds of Americans and one-third of Canadians drink fluoridated water from community water systems that add the mineral to prevent tooth decay. 

Fluoride was added to toothpaste and much of our drinking water because it was found to help fight tooth decay, but no one seems to think that the added fluoride could be having some harmful effects.

I know that one of the negative impacts of fluoride is using too much, especially when kids are young. Our youngest daughter was given a fluoride mouth rinse at school and it partially stained her teeth.

Another negative impact of too much fluoride is a condition called skeletal fluorosis, a condition characterized by bones becoming hardened and less elastic. This can result in loss of mobility and makes one more susceptible to fractures.

Perhaps fluorinated water isn’t so good after all. Besides, if the added fluorine to our water is supposed to reduce tooth cavities by up to 60%, then why are there still so many dentists?

So, if you are pregnant, do you know what you are drinking and the effects it could have on the little one you are carrying?

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