Trump Deal with Mexico Working – Illegal Detentions Down

Since Donald Trump was sworn into office, the number of illegal aliens crossing or attempting to cross into America has dramatically increased. To some, this seems surprising since President Trump clamped down on illegal immigration by increasing the number of detentions and deportations, along with increasing the number of Border Patrol agents and US troops stationed on the border. Yet, the stricter Trump’s immigration policies grew, the more illegal aliens tried to pour into the United States.

Over the past two years, there have been numerous caravans of migrants forming in Central America that then worked their way north, crossing into Mexico where they picked up more migrants, until when they reached the southern US border, the caravans numbered into the thousands.

Migrants were taught that all they had to do when they reached the US border is to claim to be seeking asylum for any one of a number of reasons, even if those reasons were bogus. To complicate the problem, America’s Democrats were encouraging the migrant caravans to come to the US where they promised the illegals that they would be welcomed into the US and given tons of benefits at no cost to the migrants.

The same Democrats have fought against every measure President Trump has tried to reduce the number of illegal aliens crossing into the US, especially concerning attempts to build a border wall. The actions of the Democrats forced Trump to turn to other measures to reduce the number of illegal aliens coming to the US.

One of those measures was the elimination of most foreign aid to Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala until these nations take actions to keep the caravans from forming in the first place.

Secondly, Trump tried to get Mexico to cooperate by stopping the caravans and other illegal aliens from making it to the US border. However, Mexico wasn’t cooperating and the flood of illegals continued to grow, reaching 144,000 in May.

That forced Trump to threaten to place tariffs on Mexico that would steadily increase until Mexico took action to stop illegal immigrants from reaching the US border. Democrats went ballistic over the tariff threats. Many said that the tariffs would not work.

So, were the Democrats right or was Trump right?

According to this report:

Border Patrol agents are on track to apprehend up to 25 percent fewer undocumented immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border in June compared to May, acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan said at a press conference Friday.

In May, more than 144,000 immigrants were stopped crossing the border, including some presenting themselves legally at points of entry, the highest monthly total in 13 years.

The number of immigrants crossing into the Southwest United States typically drops off as temperatures heat up in the summer, but McAleenan said the decline was more than just seasonal.

Last year, there was a 17 percent decrease from May to June.

McAleenan said new agreements with Mexico, including increased interdictions of Central Americans crossing through that country to the U.S. and a policy of holding asylum-seekers in Mexico until their hearings in the U.S., contributed to the decrease.

Gee, Democrats said Trump’s tax cuts wouldn’t work, but they did and still are.

Democrats said that Trump’s strong stand against North Korea wouldn’t work, but it has.

Democrats said threatening Mexico with tariffs wouldn’t work, but it’s obvious that they are wrong and Trump is right again.

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