Pending Health Disaster Surrounding Border Crisis

Democrats continue to deny that any kind of crisis is taking place at the US-Mexico border. It doesn’t matter that record numbers of illegal aliens are being detained (over a 140,000 in just one month); naw, that’s not a crisis. Democrats are screaming that someone do something to stop the epidemic of opioid abuse that is plaguing the nation. While they are blaming the drug companies, they are ignoring the fact that the illegal trafficking of drugs from Mexico into the US makes more money every year than Walmart makes.

But no one seems to be concerned about the health danger from allowing hundreds of thousands of illegals into the US without any kind of screening, as wanted by Democrats.

Have you ever traveled outside the US and then returned and gone through Customs? They always ask if you have any fruit or vegetables to declare and if you do, they often confiscate them. They are strict about not allowing any kind of vegetative disease or insect to enter the US.

But what about the diseases brought in by illegal aliens? Democrats have no problems allowing disease infested illegal aliens to freely cross the border and infect as many Americans as possible. In 2014, it was reported that numerous illegal aliens were found to be carriers of a number of contagious diseases, which infected a number of Border Patrol agents. These agents tested positive for  chicken pox, tuberculosis and the H1N1 swine flu.

Back then, like now, there were parts of Mexico that were being swept with the hemorrhagic form of dengue fever, which is also highly contagious and can be deadly.

Zack Taylor, Chairman of the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO) warns us of the dangers of these diseases to the American people as well as to Border Patrol agents:

“CDC [the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] has not informed the Border Patrol of which types of diseases have been diagnosed, or where any ill people have been taken. We have apprehended West African illegal immigrants in the Rio Grande Valley sector coming into the U.S. through Mexico in the last few years. Right now, we are only apprehending about 3 percent of the volume coming across our border, so the danger to the American people is that no one knows who is coming in, how many there are, where they are coming from, what they are carrying and where they are going.

Remember a few years ago when 100,000 unaccompanied illegal minors arrived at the US border and the Obama administration allowed them into the US and then distributed them throughout the United States?

At one location, 10 of those unaccompanied illegal minors were found to be suffering from active tuberculosis, which is quite contagious. Those 10 kids could have easily infected hundreds of other American kids who in turn could have infected their families and friends, and yet, Democrats never seemed to care. How many other kids were sick with a contagious disease that wasn’t detected, before they were assimilated into society?

More recently, ICE officials reported having to quarantine 5,200 illegal aliens being held in detention centers because of exposure to mumps and chicken pox. That doesn’t mean the illegals are infected, but were exposed and therefore need observation and possible treatment and to prevent them from infecting others.

And don’t forget that over the past couple of months, several illegal alien minors have died as a result of having the flu when they crossed into the US.

Diseases have decimated numerous cultures, including early Hawaii and a number of American Indian tribes. When Europeans and others traveled to these cultures, they carried with them contagious diseases that the native populations had no resistance to. The new diseases, common to us, swept through the native populations, killing many.

Some of the diseases being carried by illegal aliens are not common to the American people, which means that we also have little to no immunity to these diseases. Likewise, many of the illegals coming to the US have no resistance to the diseases common to us, meaning that it could take a heavy toll on the illegals. Democrats speak about humanity and the humane treatment of illegals, but care not that the exposure to our diseases could be very inhumane to them and vice versa.

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