Your Favorite Music Could Help You Heal and Detect Cancer

When I was in college many years ago, our botany class ran an experiment to see if we could find any evidence of a report circulating at the time, saying that plants respond to different kinds of music or different forms of music.

We had a very sensitive machine similar to a lie detector that we could attach to different parts of a plant and then we played different types of music. We ran baseline tests to eliminate any other outside influence and believe it or not, we found that plants seemed to have an adverse reaction to loud or rock music, but that soft music appeared to yield a steady response.

Many people over the years have tried to show that various forms of music cause people to react differently. It’s been used over the years to counter rock and other forms of loud and modern music.

We’ve also seen many reports of how listening to loud music damages ones hearing and that constant loud music can lead from partial to total loss of hearing as one gets older.

But, did you know that your favorite music could be used help you heal and even help detect cancer?

According to a recent report:

“Listening to your favorite music could save your life. Researchers Columbus have been investigating musical sound waves as a way to detect cancer.”

“‘We’re at the forefront of that, and that’s what has doctors so excited,’ said Dr. Bill Timmons, owner and founder of Elastance Imaging LLC.”

“Timmons, a biomedical engineer, teamed up with musician and composer Ken McCaw to test how musical tones entering the body react to what they encounter.”

“‘We put the vibrations of sound against the body, play the musical cord into the body,’ said Timmons.”

“The technology is non-invasive. Timmons demonstrated that you lay down on a resonator that pushes chosen sound waves and frequencies through the body.”

“‘I send a waveform through the body, that’s based on the harmonic series. It’s a series of musical chords and there are individual notes that make up the waveforms,’ said McCaw. ‘These are the individual notes that are going through the body and each one of the notes, the object that the sound hits is going to react differently to each one of the notes’.”

Using ultrasound with color, music tones that move slowly through the body show up as blue and fast-moving sounds show up as red. Timmons said that seeing blue is a good sign, but seeing images in red is not so good and could even be an indicator of cancer.

We’ve known for many years that some music is very soothing and calming while other forms are more agitating. Listening to your favorite softer music on the resonator helps the entire body to seem to function better and thus promotes healing where necessary.

It’s kind of the same principle as playing soft or classical music while a baby is still in the mother.

Music impacts and affects us more than many people realize. It affects emotionally, mentally and physically and your choice of music plays a more important role in your overall welfare than you realize. Think about that the next time you turn on some tunes.

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