Technology Shortening Lifespans

Over time, we have seen a ton of new technology that made life easier. There was the invention of the automobile to replace horses and horse drawn buggies; steam engines to run trains and many businesses; radio, television and telephone that improved communications; flight and airline travel and computers.

Many safety features, devices and policies have also been invested and instituted over the past 100 years. Unions also improved working conditions, which helped reduce work-related accidents and injuries, and thus increasing the life expectancy.

There were also huge developments in the medical field that has helped to eliminate some diseases and treat many others. In 1900, most cancers were fatal, but today, many cancers are treatable and defeatable.

Many states have programs that emphasize the care of newborns with health problems. When our youngest daughter was born prematurely, her lungs were not quite fully developed and ended up spending a week in a newborn infant intensive care. Thankfully, her premature birth qualified her for a new program at the time which picked up the entire hospital cost. Without that program, our daughter most likely would not have survived.

Yes, technology has done a lot to increase our lifespans, but that same technology is now being blamed for shortening the lifespan of the current younger generation.

While watching the local news, they aired a piece that reported that kids today spend an average of only 6 minutes outdoors and 7 ½ hours in front of screens – phones, tablets, computers and televisions. Instead of playing outside and getting exercise by running around being active, kids are sedentary, sitting in front of their electronic devices.

The lack of time outdoors has been linked to increased instances of diabetes, obesity, ADHD and anxiety. In many cases, the greatest barriers to getting kids outdoors are the parents who don’t want to take the time to be out with them and watch over them. Parents need to let kids get dirty and explore outdoors. Allow them to run and use their imaginations.

Additionally, parents fail to restrict the time their kids spend with their electronic devices. Instead, they often use electronic devices as babysitting tools, giving the parents more time to do their own thing.

Consequently, we are living in a time where the current young generation is not expected to live as long as their parents for the first time in centuries. Unless parents take action and begin forcing their kids to put down their electronic devices and get outdoors and be more active, more parents will be burying their kids instead of their kids burying them.

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