Congress to Blame for Flood of Illegal Drugs Says Arizona Sheriff

Democrats and some RINOs claim there is no problem along the US-Mexico border. Shockingly, some of those members of Congress from districts along or close to the border also say there is no real problem along the border.

According to Arizona’s Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels, members of Congress are clueless and bear the brunt of the responsibility for the flood of illegal drugs from Mexico into the United States:

“In Cochise County, Arizona, the land that runs along the border is dry, rugged and full of paths worn out by drug traffickers and human smugglers.”

“For Sheriff Mark Dannels, the problem began when the U.S. government decided to build walls and push illegal traffic from cities into remote areas.”

“It turned his backyard into a highway for everything illegal that comes over the southern border. Until he decided that had to change.”

“‘10 years ago you could sit out here at night and see the lights coming across the desert. You could see the smuggling coming through our mountains behind us’.”

“What they can see now is this: drugs being smuggled over the border and the men who bring them.”

“These photos were taken just weeks ago by cameras Dannels’ deputies have hidden all along the desolate frontline.”

“‘We have 400 cameras out right now. By the end of the year, we’ll have 700. We’re watching all the smuggling trails. We’re watching our deserts. We’re watching the private lands’.”

“Dannels said every time an image is captured its sent to one of his deputies. That’s led to several arrests and what he claims to be a 100% conviction rate.”

Dannels when on to describe many of the drug traffickers as wearing military camouflage uniforms and rags tied around their shoes so they don’t leave any traceable footprints.

Guess who Dannels blames for the flood of illegal drugs pouring over the border?

He stated:

“‘It’s irrelevant who the president is. Our congressional leaders will not secure this border. I put this squarely on their back. I don’t work for the people on Capitol Hill. I work for the people of Cochise County’.”

Yep, Sheriff Dannels puts the blame members of Congress for failing to take action to secure the border. He didn’t specify which political party, indicating that it was Congress in general, both parties, who have failed to protect the American people.

The illegal drug trafficking across the southern border is so bad that many American citizens living near the border live in constant fear. I know of one family from a small town in southern Arizona who say that drug traffickers often threaten the residents if they dare say anything to law enforcement. Often after law enforcement comes to their small town to ask about drug trafficking, the drug traffickers know it and will harm one of the residents just as a warning to everyone else to keep their mouths shut.

When Jan Brewer was governor, the state posted warning signs along some of the major highways and roads within 100 miles of border. These signs warned of the danger of illegal aliens and drug trafficking.

Sheriff Dannels is right in blaming Congress for their failure to secure the border and protect the American people. After all, what comes across the border illegally impacts and threatens millions of Americans in many ways.

Therefore, remember this and make it one of your main voting requirements the next time you go to the polls. Vote for people who will protect us because we can’t all rely on the efforts of just one sheriff.

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