Bernie Sanders Says Trump to Blame for GM Plant Closings, But Whose Fault Is It?

Between 15,000 to 18,000 General Motors workers have or will be losing their jobs as GM moves forward with closing several plants. The announcement was made last November and it didn’t take Bernie Sanders long to lay the blame on President Donald Trump. Shortly after the General Motors announcement, Sanders went public, saying:

“This year, General Motors received a $514 million tax break as a result of Trump’s tax giveaway to the wealthy. But instead of using that money to raise wages, increase benefits or add more jobs it is doing the exact opposite. Today, GM announced that it would be laying off nearly 15,000 workers and close plants in Michigan, Ohio and Maryland to “increase the long-term profit and cash generation” of the company.”

“That is outrageous. Let’s be clear. GM is not a poor company. It is not going broke. So far this year, GM has made a profit of $6 billion and had enough money to spend $100 million on stock buybacks to enrich its wealthy shareholders. Last year, it gave its CEO a $22 million compensation package – 295 times more than the average GM worker makes. Under Trump, it has also received $600 million in lucrative federal contracts.”

“Government contracts should be going to companies that create jobs in America, not to businesses that are eliminating them. The corporate greed of General Motors is destroying the social fabric of America.”

More recently, Sanders stated:

“If entities like General Motors think that they can throw workers out on the street while they’re making billions in profit and then move to Mexico to pay people their starvation wages and then line up to get federal government contracts, well, they got another guess coming.”

Over and over, Sanders has blamed Trump for the GM plant closings and the loss of thousands of jobs, but who is really at fault? Why did GM close the plants and layoff workers?

It had nothing to do with Trump or the tax cuts that GM tried to take advantage of. In reality, the plants were closed because General motors wants to focus on more environment friendly vehicles in an effort to move away from the reliance on fossil fuels.

Who is pushing the green or renewable energy agenda? Democrats, that’s who.

Consider the fact that Barack Obama waged a war against the coal and oil industries. His unrealistic regulations on the coal industry forced a number of smaller coal mining companies to close their operations. All toll, thousands of workers lost their jobs and homes, but, do you recall hearing Bernie Sanders complain or blame Obama of the loss of those jobs?

Obama and the Democrats fought to kill the Keystone XL Pipeline construction. Obama refused to allow approval of the project. The pipeline would have created up to 50,000 jobs along with making America energy independent, eliminating the need to import oil from the Middle East or Venezuela. Again, Sanders was loudly silent.

In addition to Obama’s war on coal and oil, he spent billions of taxpayer dollars trying to push towards green energy, but most of those programs failed, wasting taxpayer money, yet, Sanders remained silent.

No, it’s not Trump’s fault that General Motors is closing plants and laying off workers, it’s really the fault of Democrats and their push for green energy, but Sanders won’t tell you that because twisting the truth and falsely blaming Trump helps his campaign.


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