Socialist Indoctrination by Public Schools Rapidly Increasing

I probably mentioned this before, but some years ago, I read a piece that laid out the plans made around 1900 by a group of progressives on establishing socialism as the controlling political system in the United States. They knew they had some major foundational hurdles to overcome and that it would probably take at least 100 years to carry out their plans.

At that time, they realized the best way to accomplish their sinister plot was to use the public-school system and they are being proven right. They knew that having control of your children for 6-8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 9 months a year for 12 years, provided plenty of time to mold their young minds to believe that socialism is good. Over the past century, a number of socialists have infiltrated the public school including those who write curriculum.

It’s now about 119 years since those progressives of yesteryear laid out their plan and it is looking like they could see the fulfilment of that plan come true in next few years. As they say, the proof is in the pudding.

In March 2017, the American Culture and Faith Institute revealed the results of a survey taken of the core beliefs of millennials. In that survey, they reported:

“Only twelve percent of millennials identify as conservative. Twenty-six percent are liberal. For adults older than 30, conservatives outnumber liberals two to one.”

“Almost have (44 percent) of millennials prefer socialism over capitalism.”

Two years later, a Harris Poll (which I do not have access to, so am using a secondary source), reports:

“An astounding 49.6 percent prefer to live in a socialist country.”


“A recent Harris Poll shows that over 73 percent of millennials and the younger generation Z agree that ‘government should provide universal healthcare’.”

What makes this significant is that free universal healthcare is a totally socialist program.

However, many of these socialist indoctrinated millennials are confused about what they believe and what they want as shown in the same report:

“The kicker?  67 percent of these young folks also want high earnings as a result of free enterprise.”

“So, young people want socialism AND free markets? These two terms are so opposite that it makes me wonder if the young folks polled are able to actually define the term ‘socialism’.”

I’ve made this point numerous times that while they push for the socialist ways, they enjoy the benefits of America’s capitalistic free enterprise system. They want their cake and eat it to, to coin an old expression.

But, here is the underlying problem. It has already been estimated that free healthcare for all will come with at a cost of at least $3 trillion a year. Free college tuition for all will also come with a cost around $3 trillion a year. Their Green New Deal will also result in costing hundreds of billions of dollars, if not trillion of dollars, along with the loss of tens of thousands of jobs.

Combine them all together and you have an annual price tag of at least $6 trillion a year. The current US budget is less than $4 trillion and that comes with deficit of around $900 billion. So, how do these misguided socialists plan on paying for all of their free socialism?

First, they will drastically increase any and all federal taxes on corporations, goods and services. They will increase the taxes on the money you make, the money to save and the money you spend.

Second, they plan on heavily taxing the wealthy – their income, their investments, their savings and their estates when they die.

Herein lies their problem. The wealthy got that way via America’s capitalistic free enterprise system. However, once that is replaced with their socialism, the wealthy will no longer be wealthy. Besides this destroying the job market and economy, socialists will run out of funding in only a year or two.

This leaves them with no alternative but keep raising taxes on everyone and everything.

How likely is this to happen anytime soon? The same report revealed:

“This is deeply concerning because generation Z and millennials are expected to make up approximately 37% of the voting electorate in 2020.”

By 2020, they make up 37%. By 2022 they will make up more of the voters and in 2024 even more. At the same time, the older conservative voters continue to die off, leaving the scales to tip heavily to the socialist Democrats.

This is the sad and gloomy future for your children and grandchildren.


  1. Albert Hartman, Jr.

    Unfortunately, we can’t save our children from the Socialists invading our school systems nor can we save them from themselves. I was hoping that Donald Trump would create more of a following among that age group, but that doesn’t appear to be the case. A wise man once said that we could have freedom as long as we could keep it. Well, I am afraid that without a great deal of change among the younger generations, we have lost the greatest society ever known by man!

  2. Gwyllm

    All the teachers have to do is ask the students who make good grades to ‘share’ their grades so the lazy students can get better grades. Then tell them it’s the main principle of socialism.

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