Are Your Tax Dollars Being Used to Fund Campaigns of Democrats?

How would you feel if you learned that your hard-earned tax dollars were used as donations to fund the election campaigns of a number of Democrats?

In 1970, before abortion was legalized with Roe v. Wade, Democrats and Republicans worked together to pass the Family Planning Services and Population Research Act which was signed into law by then-President Richard Nixon. This act allowed the federal funding of Planned Parenthood’s birth control, family planning and education programs.

Even though abortion had not been federally legalized, it was legalized in liberal New York in 1970 and Planned Parenthood began performing legal abortions on the very first day the New York law went into effect. The first abortion clinic was located in Syracuse, New York.

In 1973, the Supreme Court legalized abortion nationwide with the infamous Roe v. Wade decision. That opened the door for Planned Parenthood to take their baby butchers nationwide.

Over the past several years, the amount of taxpayer funding that has been given to Planned Parenthood has topped the $500 million, meaning that my tax dollars and yours are being used to help brutally murder innocent babies.

This, without doubt is the number one reason that the government needs to stop funding Planned Parenthood.

Secondly, is a reason that few people realize or may not even be aware of. Planned Parenthood donates millions of dollars to the campaigns of Democrats. Is it any wonder why Democrats are so supportive of abortion and funding Planned Parenthood?

Even though most Democrats will deny that the Planned Parenthood campaign donations sway their voting on related issues, consider this recent report:

“The irony of Democrats who complain about the influence of big money in politics became blatantly obvious last month when the U.S. Senate voted on the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act.”

“On Thursday, Senate Democrats took it to a whole new level of hypocrisy.”

“The Born Alive act protects babies who survive a botched abortion by compelling doctors to care for the infant in the same manner as any other child. Forty-two Democrats voted against a call to end debate and proceed to a full vote on the measure late last month, and all of them took money from abortion provider Planned Parenthood to fund their political campaigns.”

Trust me, it is no coincidence that every Democrat who voted to protect the alleged abortion right is also funded by Planned Parenthood.

So, let me put it this way, you work hard to earn money to provide for your family, but the federal government insists on taking a chunk of your hard-earned money. Then the government turns around and gives over $500 million of OUR hard-earned money to Planned Parenthood. In turn, Planned Parenthood uses OUR hard-earned money to brutally murder innocent babies AND they give some of OUR hard-earned money to Democrats to help them get elected.

Does that mean that YOUR hard-earned tax dollars are being used to help fund the political campaigns of the very Democrats that most of us oppose? Don’t know about you, but if the answer is yes, then I am very offended and outraged. Not only do I oppose using my tax dollars to fund the first-degree murder of millions of innocent unborn HUMAN BEINGS, but I oppose using my tax dollars to fund the campaigns of Democrats. It’s time for every conservative to get so outraged that we force Congress to stop funding Planned Parenthood entirely!

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