Tony Blair’s Globalist Plot

According to a prominent British newspaper, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Tony Blair, has taken part in secret briefings with leaders of foreign countries in an effort to thwart the UK’s effort to leave the EU.

The preeminent globalist politician, who’s perhaps best-known for leading his countrymen into the Iraq War under false pretenses before he vacated government to assume several exceedingly profitable advisory and speaking roles which netted him tens of millions of pounds, has been covertly briefing France’s embattled President on how to prevent the UK from leaving the EU.

According to Britain’s Daily Telegraph, which cites ‘Sources in Paris’, fellow globalist politician Emmanuel Macron has been given advice from Tony Blair on how to prevent Brexit. The newspaper reported that Blair has also met with Jean-Claude Junker, the President of the European Commission, to discuss Brexit, advising the EU to give absolutely no concessions to Britain, and that such tactics would cause British leaders to give up on Brexit entirely.

In 2018, Breitbart London reported that Michael Barnier, the EU’s staunch Euro-Federalist Brexit negotiator had held meetings with the Tony Blair Institute.

These most recent claims come after a line that was reported by The Times on Sunday, which claimed, also citing sources, that Blair had communicated to Macron, “You’ve got to hold firm and then we’ll end up staying.”

A member of British parliament who spoke to The Telegraph about the allegations regarding Blair’s underhanded activities expressed that a former prime minister working against the interests of his own nation by supporting foreign powers to undermine the UK’s sovereignty was unprecedented in contemporary British history. The politician described Blair’s behavior as ‘totally unacceptable.’

When The Telegraph reached out to Mr. Blair to give him a chance to respond to these allegations, a spokesperson working for him stated, “We don’t comment on private meetings.”

Blair’s recent behavior is only the latest in a series of moves made during his relentless lobbying campaign against the British people’s decision to leave the EU which began when he joined forces with former Conservative party leader John Major to support then Prime Minister David Cameron’s push to dissuade voters from voting leave in the run-up to the 2016 Brexit decision. Just days after Brits voted to leave the EU, Blair shifted his strategy and began campaigning for a second referendum.

In the following two weeks after the referendum, he claimed that individuals who had voted to remain felt ‘disenfranchised’, and that the case for Brexit had ‘crumbled’.

Last year, Blair continued his crusade against the British people’s decision to leave the EU when he addressed an audience in Portugal, declaring “I am 100 percent opposed to Brexit… Up to the very end, I am going to do everything I can to stop it.”

At the very least, Blaire’s undertakings are subversive acts which only work to undermine the will of the British people and the British state. At the very worst, his actions are treasonous. Either way he should be exposed and his efforts should be countered.

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